My Word
(September 20th. 2009)
It is still my daily prayer that:-
"Lord, let the nations see, that men should brothers be, and form one family, the whole world over,"
This site was originally dedicated to publishing the world's good news, in such matters as disaster relief, the war against terrorism, restoration of human rights and human dignity, suppression of trafficking in addictive drugs, etc. Unfortunately, generally only bad news attracts media attention. My efforts seemed to be pointless. So, I now use the web-site to express my personal opinions. Read them if you wish, ignore them if you don't - it's a free world.  Perhaps they will give food for thought, I hope so. Let's develop a community of open minds.
Recently, I decided to add the date of preparation or of update to each of my "blogs", and to refer in my emails to individual articles on this site, rather than sending wasteful lengthy messages. There are no pictures on this site, so it is an economical consumer of web resources, with very rapid access.
There is nothing which is quite as sad as a closed mind. We must develop a national capacity for lateral thinking. As Professor Julius Sumner Miller used to say "Why is it so?". He was a very popular contributor to ABC TV between 1963 and 1986.
My special hero was C. Northcote Parkinson, a very diligent and and talented academic, who wrote many books on management topics. Among his other achievements, he was the founder of the University of Singapore. He had the ability to use statistical information and logical analysis, to gently ridicule our most treasured establishments - why, for example, did the U.K. Office of Colonial Affairs have the greatest number of staff, just when it had no Colonies left to administer, and was therefore merged with the Foreign Office? While I was a Manager, I found that my most useful attribute was a highly developed sense of the ridiculous, particularly when evaluating the proposals of salesmen, scientists, engineers and software designers.
I admired the persistence of Wilson Tuckey, during his tenure as the Federal Member for O'Connor, for his  tireless attempts to focus attention upon the truly important business of Parliament. His frustration finally resulted in a protesting email communication to the members of the Opposition.
I enjoyed an active and interesting career as a technologist, manager, marketer and consultant spannng more than 50 years in England, South-East Asia, Adelaide and Melbourne. As my wife Sheila says, "We didn't make a fortune, but I wouldn't have missed a minute of it!"
Since I have a degree in Special Physics and am also a Chartered Engineer, about 4 years ago I decided to apply my multi-disciplinary training and experience to analysing the science of, and to developing solutions for, climate change. The results of my labours are presented on another of my web-sites,  - please feel free to access the site and comment to my email address. I do not claim to be correct, but hope that I can encourage lateral thinking and that you may be prompted to join in a revival of rational Grey Power - after all, we retired persons have the time to think.
I am physically disadvantaged by the long-term effects of type 2 diabetes, which makes it difficult to walk, drive a car, or hold a pen. However, I can use a computer for word processing (amongst other things), and this gives me the ability to correct the mistakes which are the result of my fumbling two-finger typing, and facilitates editing. So, I have channelled my communications through emails to State and Federal Parliamentarians, and to academics.
Most reply politely, but apart from the academics who are genuinely knowledgeable and seem to appreciate a voice from the wilderness, some of my correspondents show a regrettable lack of understanding of their chosen functions. Maybe that is the result of effective P.R., and of recent election by public acclamation. This web-site documents my personal views.
nts my personal views.